This girl loves foxes very much. He lives with this animal under the same roof

Animal lovers have a different way of thinking about life, considering them an integral part of their lives. A young American woman, Kimberly, was one such heroine, who is a true fox enthusiast or, as her friends call her, the “Crazy Fox Queen”. Kim was an active animal rights defender and activist. She was also a New York State Licensed Volunteer. On her three-acre property, she often feeds  animals of various species and then releases them into the wild.

Это не шуба! Девушка из Кургана спасла лису со зверофермы и сделала ее домашней любимицей - KP.RU

Apart from Kimberly’s dog, fifteen foxes live here all the time, the fate of some of them could have been different if the girl had not intervened. So she took her Judy away from the farm where the baby might not survive. But, mostly, her pets are honorary pensioners. She took them from various entertainment centers, zoos and even laboratories. These animals have been kept indoors with no outdoor access since birth. So he’s not going to release them into the wild all at once. But now they have at their disposal extensive fences and a huge adjacent area for games and walks. Most of the foxes have become his constant friends and happily respond to the voice of their savior.

But the married couple, Cleo and Tandra, enjoy the girl’s special love. They found each other in the girl’s house and in the wild, they did not meet for no reason. Surprisingly, they even look unusual. Tandra is an ordinary red fox, but its color is unique. She is more like her friend Cleo, the arctic fox. He has a white and gray mustache with dark spots. Tandra didn’t take to Kimberly right away and she had to be wary at first. Kim decided to introduce the foxes. Kim’s decision to introduce them to each other was perfect and successful. The foxes not only liked each other but also started to communicate with each other. According to the girl, foxes are surprisingly intelligent, curious and charming creatures.


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