The mother tried in every way to convince the children to wear pajamas. She succeeded

Sometimes parents don’t know what to do and how to calm overactive children. They are in movement all day long and it seems they can play and move endlessly without rest. Sometimes parents think of tricks to calm them down. Parents often resort to tricks to calm their children down or to convince them to do something else. Sometimes parents succeed in achieving their goal, sometimes they don’t.Such lively children need to be convinced with something more serious.

It will definitely work and distract them. The mother, who was the good creature of our story, worked day and night, taking care of the two  children, and sitting tiredly, she resorted to rest in her dream by means of an ingenious step lie.She managed to convince the children. She had two extremely active daughters, who were constantly moving even before going to bed and did not want to take a breath for even a second. The mother could not convince the children to sleep in the evening.

One day, the mother accidentally bought a nightgown that glowed in the dark. She thought to calm the children with it. The children liked the beautiful pajamas very much. The mother convinced them that in order for them to shine, you must first charge the pajamas, and to charge them, you must lie on the floor under the lamp, so that the light from the lamp penetrates into the pajamas and illuminates.

The children began to lie on the floor under the lamp every day. and wait for the pajamas to be filled. They happily went to bed in their stuffed pajamas and didn’t bother their mother anymore. Thanks to the mother’s clever trick, everything calmed down: the daily life of the mother, the activity of the children

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