The boy noticed the dog, approached him and covered him with his clothes so that he wouldn’t get cold.

Kindness towards animals is the greatest manifestation of human kindness. Fernando Gabriel, who lived in Sao Paulo, did such a good thing and halped the dog. There are very few people in modern times like  him. Animals are people’s best friends. He was walking through the subway station with his brother Felipe when he suddenly noticed a  dog. The yard dog was lying on the floor of the platform and was was freezing  from the cold.  Felipe stopped and immediately began to take off his clothes in front of a surprised Gabriel. First he took off his jersey and then his t-shirt. The boy returned the shirt to him, but he used it for something else. The brother looked at Felipe, surprised and not understanding what was happening. Later, Gabriel understood everything.

Everything had happened so quickly and unexpectedly that at first he did not understand the meaning of her removal. Passers-by also did not understand the essence of what happened. But when the witnesses realized why Felipe was undressing, they stopped and started filming this unusual scene with their phones. One of the videos, with the consent of the Brazilian, who suddenly became the main character, was published on the Internet and appeared on YouTube.  The boy admitted in an interview that he was not ready for such attention and did not expect that someone would notice him. He just felt sorry for the   dog and only tried to help him with clothes. By the way, the gifted T-shirt was a favorite, but Felipe joked that it suits the dog much better. After some time, the two brothers again went to the subway station where they had seen the dog. They decided to take the dog to their house, but they did not find him in the same place. Felipe regrets that he didn’t do more for the dog the day he saw it. But, probably, the brothers will still be able to find him later. In addition, Felipe is sure that although one person cannot change the whole world, he is quite capable of helping his neighbor. And for many, the boy’s act can become an example and inspiration, which is already great.



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