When you look at this building, it seems as if it is moving

In modern times, architecture has developed so much that they can realize every idea. Even in caves, people build such structures that can cause great surprise for all of us. In the city of Prague, such buildings are being built that are only worthy of admiration, one of the vivid examples of this is the House of Dance on Reslova Street. Which looks like it actually dances. As a result of the fantasy of two architects, they got a simply amazing result. Vlado Milunci and Frank Gary.

As well as the wonderful designer Eva Irzhichna, who was from England, created a building in the spirit of DE constructivism. A building symbolizes a dancing couple frozen in dance. The building is completely different from other buildings. Many tourists come from different parts of the world to see it.

A library, an art gallery and a cultural center are located in the dance house, where several international companies are located, and the French restaurant <Pearl of Prague> is located on the seventh floor. Already in 2016, the four-star Dancing Hause hotel was opened in the building.

The building is completely like paradise, all amenities in one place, it is simply a masterpiece. Along with all that, there is also a bar on the roof, from where you can see all the beauty of the city. Apart from tourists, people who appreciate beauty and love expensive pleasures come here. Indeed, the whole building looks like a dancing building and it is very wonderful to see such an image in the city.

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