Grandma feeds cats in her house. One day an animal visited her with the cats, the grandmother did not understand what kind of animal it was

Human preferences are very different and perhaps surprising and different from each other. Eric Hertley’s grandmother was a woman who gave shelter to a number of cats. The grandson published a story about how he discovered a truth that his grandmother had not even noticed. One day he decided to visit his grandmother at her house in suburban Kansas. She had created a living space for stray cats in the balcony extension; beds, bowls, food and water – everything was there for cats to live.

Among all that, the young man’s attention was attracted by a small creature, which was huddled in a corner and quite different from cats. He cowered as if trying to hide his true form and pretended to be a cat. It didn’t look like a cat at all and it really caught the boy’s attention. He asked his grandmother who the strange animal in the corner was, and the grandmother replied that she called him Tet. It turned out that the animal with a small sharp muzzle disguised itself as a cat and took advantage of the grandmother’s generosity and food. It has been using the services of the cat lady for more than a week.

Although she was surprised by this fact, she is not at all against the presence of such a guest. It was possible that the little animal had no parents or was lost, otherwise why would it come to the place of human habitation? And if it has done so, let its stay and eat with the cats, but it would sit and wait for food. The grandmother explained to her grandson that animals should be treated kindly, they also need love and care. And he lived alone and adapted to that occupation. He liked taking care of animals and one more animal or one less animal would not bother him.

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