This woman is the mother of 44 children. He doesn’t manage to take care of himself

It has long been known that African countries have completely different ideas about how a woman’s life should develop. Girls there often do not get an education, they get married early, they give birth to many children at a very young age. And how many children do they have? Here is a record-setting woman who has 44 children.

The heroine of this story is called Mariam Nabatani. Now the woman is 40 years old. Mariam Nabatantsi got married at the age of 12, because her father decided so. Children do not have the right to go against their parent’s will, although Maryam did not live with her for a long time. His grandmother was involved in his education for a long time. But still, only his father could control his destiny. Mariam was never her favorite child, so she literally sold the young man to a forty-year-old man. They didn’t even say anything to the girl, they just took her to a new house. Mariam never loved her husband. She gave birth to her first children, twins, at the age of 13. She gave birth five times to twins, four times to triplets and another five times to quadruplets. Only one pregnancy was singleton. In just 15 years of marriage, the woman became the mother of 44 children.

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The husband was not ready for fatherhood. He left his wife and refused to participate in any way in the children’s lives. The couple finally broke up. However, Mariam’s life has not improved in any way. He lives in his grandmother’s house and works constantly so that his 16 daughters and 28 sons have the opportunity to get an education. He admits with regret. “My whole life has been spent taking care of children and working to support them.” To feed so many children, she  works as a hairdresser in the village, sews clothes and creates decorations for local holidays. The woman says that she does not see herself happy, but she is sure that she can give her children a chance for a prosperous future. She puts all her strength into them, it is clear even from her appearance: she cuts her hair short, does not wear makeup, although she knows how to do it and earns from it… Mariam’s example is unique, which proves that sometimes there are exceptions.

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