The man has had a beard for about 10 years. One day he decided to shave. His wife did not recognize him

Keeping a beard is considered very trendy these days. There are also people of opposite opinion who do not like the idea of keeping a beard. Here is a man who grew a beard for 10 years and suddenly one day decided to shave it off. British Carlos Costa has been growing a beard for about 10 years, and it has become his trademark. A man advertises various face care products.  One day he suddenly decided that he was tired of seeing himself in the same form and decided to update it. And in order for his wife to like the transformation process, Carlos filmed everything. From the moment they met, the girl saw her chosen one exclusively with a beard, and she wanted to definitely surprise her.

It was not so easy to clean the face from the thrash that had grown for more than a dozen years. First the man had to use a clipper and then a razor. And since he had not shaved for a long time, as if he had forgotten to shave․ The reflection in the mirror honestly surprised the 40-year-old man. He doesn’t even remember himself like that. But Carlos’s wife was most surprised. Entering the room, he could not regain consciousness for a long time. He looked, turned and looked again, not seeming to realize who was standing before him.

But in the end, she said that it takes time to get used to the new and interesting character of her husband. And Carlos, inspired by this reaction of his wife, decided to surprise his mother at the same time, which was also very impressive. Sometimes it is not so easy to give up the main appearance, which has been your constant companion for many years. However, it was a really wonderful idea to transform for the sake of a woman to surprise her. He managed to surprise her.

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