The barber did not throw away the hair of his clients that he cut. He collected them and got a ball of approximately 100 kg

Sometimes a person’s imagination even crosses the boundaries by setting records. Bringing strange and at the same time interesting thoughts to life requires a lot of imagination. There are exceptional people who are able to bring such thoughts to life.  Some world records cause very ambiguous emotions. Steve Ward, the owner of a hair salon in Ohio, had such strange emotions when he decided to become the owner of one of them. In 2013, he decided to set an extraordinary record by collecting a huge ball of hair cut from customers. Steve told how he collected the hair. He said that he took his clients hair and made a ball out of it and fixed it with glue.

Conoce a la bola de pelos más grande del mundo que pesa 100 kilos u entró en los Guinness

During nine years of almost daily work, the barber managed to collect about 100 kilograms of hair. The previous record was 25 kilograms less.  Within the framework of the “Give Children the World” program  the man presented his unique achievement during the Comic Con festival. There, festival guests could invest in this unique work of art. At their disposal were scissors and a special adhesive mixture with which it was possible to glue the cut hair to the ball. Specially for Comic Con, the balloon was decorated with a plastic face: eyes, glasses, nose and mouth with a happy smile. A cap is also attached to the ball. But when fixing the record, the entire decor was not taken into account, so that everything would be fair.  Warde is not sure of the exact weight of the ball at the moment, he is constantly adding new strings.


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