Icelanders can leave their car and house doors open because they trust each other and are very friendly.

Everything is different in every country. Starting with languages, traditions, and many, many other things. Today we will try to get to know Icelanders and their daily life. In Iceland, everyone knows each other, they mostly have mutual friends. They communicate with their neighbors and are very friendly. There are no gender and social divisions, everyone is equal and that is the reason why they communicate more with each other. It is also an interesting fact that they do not have surnames, patronymics are composed of parents’ names and the prefixes and Many Icelanders, due to high prices, have to combine several jobs. Thus, a football coach can be a dentist, an athlete can be an advertising director, and a dancer can be a ship’s worker.

But the inhabitants of the country know how to relax one hundred percent, so there are many pubs and bars here. Icelanders trust each other, leave their cars and houses open, let their children walk on their own. And in Iceland, neither the residents nor the government avoid other countries. Security and police work here. Due to the very low density of the local population (only 2-3 people per area), almost all the houses are actually surrounded by natural beauties, many of which are fields, glaciers, hills, geysers, waterfalls. And someone’s apartment can be located in the middle of a field or on the shore of a beautiful reservoir. Icelanders keep warm with sweaters knitted (by both women and men) from valuable sheep’s wool. Another way to escape the cold is to bathe in hot springs, which are open almost everywhere and are freely available. By the way, the same useful underground water flows through the water supply system.

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