How strange apartments look like,which were made of boxes!

In architecture, it is possible to bring the craziest ideas to life. Building from a shack to a luxurious mansion or palace requires a creative mind and architectural experience and skills. Sometimes such structures are built, which are simply unimaginably beautiful and can even represent cultural value. Since ancient times, people have tried to make shelters, even by living in caves, to adapt them to living. Such ideas develop along with the development of time and science, and our ideas about the house change day by day. Today, we will present an architectural building built by Moshe Safadi, which gives quite a reason to wonder about its possibility.

Another surprising fact is that it was built in the 60s and looks quite futuristic. It is a non-standard residential complex consisting of several buildings. These structures were built in the framework of Expo 67 in Canada. The construction lasted only 2 years. Being a rather young architect, he used great potential to develop the project with the state support entrusted to him with the final look. If you look closely, you will realize that it looks like 354 cubes stacked on top of each other. The complex consists of 158 residential areas.

Moshe noted that this project was created to solve the problem of the lack of housing and the same type of development. He proposed such an architectural solution that made it possible to reach the apartments with the help of a series of pedestrian streets and bridges, as well as through 3 vertical elevators. As a result, the man managed to create a real ecosystem. These apartment experiences have been adapted in New York, Puerto Rico, Israel, Rochester, and several other cities around the world.  This idea was not widely spread, but the important thing for Safadi was that he solved the issue of several apartments. Such an architectural solution gives an unusual look to the surroundings and is a useful option for solving housing issues.


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