He gave gold equal to the weight of the bride to her groom. He carried it all on himself

It is very interesting to be in different countries and study their culture and customs. Every nation, family and even individual has its own distinct culture.

Everyone has their own customs by which they are guided. Wedding ceremonies usually include many similar customs, which can both fascinate and surprise. Every country and even everyone has its own ideas about weddings.

Some countries traditionally accept the advice of a white dress, some countries consider red a symbol of marriage, some countries celebrate the wedding with great pomp and some countries consider it just an ordinary celebration. And here in China, a strange phenomenon happened during the wedding ceremony, which will be strange to all of us, because we are not part of that culture. During the ceremony, the groom gave a whole pile of gold to the bride as a gift.

He hung 60 kg of gold on the bride’s neck. It was so heavy that the bride barely got down from the car. The bride accepted her gifts with great enthusiasm and carried all of them even not considering that they were heavier than her. The guests were also surprised to see the groom’s generosity. He gave 60 gold bracelets to his wife at once.We cannot meet such a protocol in every country. It is characteristic of Chinese culture and even individual families.

The groom’s gift of gold bracelets to the bride symbolizes the groom’s generosity towards the family. And the more gold he gives, the more he will be a devoted and generous husband and father. We can only study and evaluate the customs of different countries, but we cannot understand them as a value because it is not ours and we do not live in the given society.


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