The couple built the house in the rock and did not live there for long. They sold the house for quite a price

What should be the ideal home in which a person can relax and feel comfortable. Each person has his own idea of comfort. There are people who are active and energetic, who prefer to live in the center of all events and their house should correspond to their lifestyle. And there are measured people who love a calm country atmosphere and try to stay away from the city noise.

Katie and Randy Clark are a young married couple who couldn’t decide which house to buy. Both of them were creative people and always wanted to live in some unusual place. From the idea to buy a city apartment, they immediately denied. The country house was more suited to their desires. In addition, a mandatory condition for the spouses was closeness to nature. Keti really liked the natural landscapes of Arizona and she wanted to build a small house near the sea and mountains. But Randy came up with a more interesting idea.

He proposed to build a house in the rock, so that it merges and harmonizes with the surrounding nature as much as possible. To turn their idea into reality, the young couple turned to specialists who gouged the rock and strengthened the vaults. Only after that was it possible to begin to equip the interior space. The total area was 278 square meters. The house turned out to be a fusion of modern design concepts with nature. The interior was as untouched as possible. The walls have retained their natural appearance.

The peculiar primitive design gave the house a special atmosphere. Being under the cave vaults, it was as if echoes of the past were heard, when people lived in cave dwellings. The house had two bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, a spacious kitchen and a bathroom.

A wooden staircase led to the second floor and terrace with a beautiful view of the sea. The house was located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Kathy and Randy did not live long in this house. They decided to sell it for a million dollars. The buyer was found very quickly. However, the new owner also did not linger in the unusual house and sold it for ten thousand dollars more.

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