Field mice love tulips. Cameras caught them getting into the tulips

An unusual photo shoot of Herbert Miles with tulips and field mice conquered the Internet. This incredible interaction of the animal world and nature shows how harmoniously all living creatures can coexist in the wild. Field mice are known for their love of flowers and especially buds. Miles is very fond of depicting nature in its natural form. Field mice are very cute rodents that live in almost all climatic zones. During the cold season, these mammals do not hibernate, they continue to lead an active lifestyle and, in case of hunger they begin to look for food for themselves. In winter, the animals are not always visible, as they try to move under the snow.

Meadow, steppe and field mice eat grain, clover and fruits. The field mouse can also eat grass stems and seeds, loves seedlings and flowers. Field mice look so funny that they are very often depicted in sketches and photosets. Their curious faces evoke smiles and tenderness. Herbert Miles has been preparing for a photo shoot for a long time. At first he decided to take a picture of a mouse in the flower beds, but then he thought that it was not worth disturbing nature.

After all, running around with a camera among tulips can damage flowers. All natural conditions were recreated in the photo studio. For work, the photographer purchased tulips in pots, so that later the flowers could be planted back into the flower beds. Field mice were a little domesticated.

These were field mice that grew up in a nursery and were not afraid of people. Miles made unique shots of tulips with mice inside the buds, on the stem or on the flower. The rodents were not afraid of the lens and willingly ran around the studio.

Mice clearly like to play, climbing tulips, and at the same time eating up stamens and nectar. Watching these cutest creatures is extremely exciting. According to the photographer, the photo session turned out to be very entertaining, both for mice and for the film crew. Miles Herbert, 52, from Bournemouth, is the owner of Captivelight Photography and a photography workshop leader

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