Big brother sings for little brother

It’s wonderful when you have a brother or sister who is older than you, because you can learn a lot from them, they can give you advice, and in general, they can also be your idol when needed. However, it is also wonderful when your elder brother or sister starts singing for you and teaching you too.

The baby’s mother decided to post the video on the Internet, but did not expect that the video would have millions of views overnight. In the video, you can hear how the little boy teaches his little brother to sing. Of course, this is wonderful.
The big brother is only six years old, and his little brother is only six weeks old.
The boy starts humming the song “10,000 Hours” by Justin Bieber and Dan. We present to your attention an excerpt from the performance of the little boy.

I want to spend 10,000 hours and 10 more hours with you

know your little heart that means so much to me.

I will always love you my little miracle.

Tell the kids it’s really wonderful.


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