A painting by a pig named Pigcasso sold for more than 24,000 euros

Nowadays, we have heard a lot about talented people who draw beautiful pictures. And such beautiful pictures can be sold for millions of dollars. There are many cases in history when we can mention that many such paintings are also in world-famous museums. But have you ever heard that an animal, especially a pig, draws a picture?

Yes, do not be surprised, it is possible. This beautiful pig is from South Africa. The name of the talented pig is Pigkaso. Pigkaso is known all over the world for his extraordinary and unique talent. Piggaso lives in Joanne’s house.

There were old brushes in Joanne’s house and when the pig saw them for the first time he became interested in them. The pig suddenly started to paint pictures with those brushes. The number of his works exceeds 400. A unique work painted by a pig was sold for 24,000 euros.

This will go down in history as an unparalleled indicator. Are you people crazy? Picasso continues to paint and the number of his works is increasing. All this suggests that not only people are talented, but also animals.

Also share your talented animal pictures.


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