This man is retired and he eats from garbage cans. It turned out that he is rich

Heinz Heinrich is 80 years old. Everyone in the region knows him. He is a retired man and is known as a bottle collector. Coincidentally, only recently people found out that he has 10 houses and about one million in his account. The interesting thing is that the pensioner was dressed always very poor, but always clean.

The man did not even have a mobile phone and he was always against using it. Heinz doesn’t even travel by car, he only walks by bicycle. The man spends so little on food that he will surprise us all. Can you guess? He spends only 5 euros a month on food. He spoke and told how he got rich. Heinz said that he started to differ from everyone since childhood. He did not spend his earned money like everyone else.

He started collecting that money and bought his first house. He rented the house he bought. And that’s how he started investing his earned money in real estate. The German also told that he has no heirs and is going to leave all his property to tenants. Another interesting fact about the pensioner is that he eats food collected from garbage cans.

He handles any problems in his apartments himself, especially repairs. And what is your opinion about this story? And do you think it is right to live in such a way? Write your opinion.


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