The rich man bought four expensive cars for his daughter in one month. But the daughter was unhappy

A very rich man bought expensive gifts for his daughter every day. He bought four cars for his daughter. And despite the luxury of cars, the girl remained dissatisfied.

Although everyone would be happy for these cars, but no, the girl was not happy and her soul was very empty.Despite the luxury that surrounded her, her daughter longed for the simple joys that money could not buy. And he understood that not everything can be bought with money. The girl dreamed of the harmony of the soul, she wanted sincere friends and happy days. Despite all this, the girl’s father tried to please her.

Days passed and every day the girl understood more and more that what she wants cannot be bought with money. Money, money and again money. The girl was tired of all this.
And in the midst of so much wealth and ostentatiousness, the girl simply understood that money will not bring her happiness. And it is not possible to find happiness in the number of cars. The girl’s only dream was to live in harmony and love.

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