You can become unrecognizable with a wonderful make-up

Every woman wants to be beautiful, regardless of age and social status. However, natural beauty is not always ideal, but we all want to improve your appearance. Over the years, the appearance changes. In such cases, make-up and cosmetics come to the rescue. It is very important to apply makeup correctly, and it is best to do it with a specialist. Anti-aging makeup has its own characteristics. Dominique Sachs is a professional makeup artist. In her videos, she talks about the intricacies of makeup for those over 50.

Best Makeup for Older Women over 50: Face Lift Effect Tips - Dominique Sachse
Girls are very fond of using cosmetics. From early childhood, girls try to imitate their mothers in everything, ineptly painting their lips and nails. In stores you can even find sets of children’s cosmetics. However, if in childhood this is just pampering, then already in their youth, girls try to look better and more beautiful with makeup. The right make-up will easily reset a woman of 10 years, and the wrong one will add age. Anti-aging makeup is a step-by-step scheme for correctly applying cosmetics to various areas of the face. Properly applied makeup can tighten the oval of the face and lift the eyelids, making the look more expressive.

Dominic Sachs shows in detail on his face how different ways of applying cosmetics can change the face. For example, she advises using light shadows only for the lower eyelid in order to visually lift the eyes. And the lower eyelashes should be tinted very light or completely abandon the eyeliner of the lower eyelid. Methods for applying anti-aging makeup are suitable for both brown and blue or green eyes, only the colors of the shadows or pencil may differ. For brown eyes, it is better to use cool brown tones, blue eyes are emphasized by warm peach or brown shades, for green ones, products with a red undertone are suitable.
The main feature of age-related makeup is not to use bright colors, as they add age. If you can’t determine on your own what suits your skin type, it will be better to contact a professional makeup artist for detailed advice.


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