The woman’s honesty allowed her to return a large amount of money to its owner, which she found by chance

Shopping in the US is the cheapest, fashionistas and fashionistas come from all over the world to pick up trendy items, but there are also second-hand stores here. In the USA, there are separate stores where clothes are bought not only by people with low income, but also by very poor people.

Oklahoma Goodwill worker finds $42,000 hidden in donations – KIRO 7 News  Seattle

Goodwill is a chain of thrift stores in the US that has absolutely everything from cookware to art to home appliances. The network considers itself a charitable organization. The products are very cheap, even poor and needy people can buy them. All the products of the store are received free of charge from ordinary people as a donation for the poor. A Goodwill employee, while checking to see if the clothes were in order, stumbled upon something strange. At first he thought it was junk, but then it turned out that the $100 bills were worth $42,000. The woman assumed that the money was fake, but it was not. Another surprise was that there was not only money, but also documents that helped to find the owner.

According to the employees of the “Goodwill” network, they regularly find money in donated clothes, but, as a rule, they have no way of finding out who it belongs to. The chain of stores also noted that the current find is the largest in the history of the company.
The woman who found the money said in an interview to one of the local TV channels that she believes in karma and knows “what it can be like to steal money.” Therefore, he returned everything to the owners and, by the way, received a thousand dollar reward from them. With this money, the woman plans to organize a party for her daughter’s birthday.
Goodwill stores often have interesting events. For example, in 2018, a store in New Jersey was given a copy of the December 28, 1774 edition of Pennsylvania Magazine and a weekly newspaper valued at $18,000. And one day a customer bought a camera with a video of the boy taking his first steps and was able to return it to his family using social networks.


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