The man made a model of a car out of wood and carved it completely. The model of the car was sold for quite a lot.

Human imagination and diligence have no boundaries. Masters and artists create real masterpieces, working on the details for weeks, and some even for years. In modern times, thanks to the development of digital technologies, creators have the opportunity to present to the world not only their works, but also the process of their creation.
The blogger of the YouTube channel Woodworking Art made a detailed copy of the Chevrolet Corvette C8 from a piece of wood. Almost all parts of the model are made of cypress, but metal blanks were used for the moving elements of the chassis, steering and door opening mechanisms. It took the craftsman a month and ten days to turn a single block of wood into a work of art. The miniature Corvette has opening doors, front trunk, hood; there is a removable roof section, as well as a connection between the steering wheel and the wheels.

Wood Carving

The creator of the sports car model said that the toy mid-engined Chevrolet was commissioned by a friend, so the price of the project was not called. However, a copy of the Ford F-150 Raptor, similar in terms of workload, was sold for $ 2,000, so the carpenter’s products cannot be called affordable. The author of the video published on the Web has repeatedly presented hand-made copies of famous and legendary cars made of wood. As we can see, this process is really very painstaking, it requires not only skill, but also a lot of time. As we hve already understood, it took the master about a month to create a wooden copy of Chevrolet, but the result is amazing with the maximum similarity with the real model. It is interesting that in the process of working on the copy of the car made of natural wood, the blogger checks with the images of the car, and therefore, as a result, his work is very realistic, plus some elements are moving. A copy of the Corvette opens all the doors, the hood and the luggage compartment, the wheels spin and turn slightly to the sides. In the interior of the wooden model, there are chairs and a steering wheel, and all the details are carefully worked out on the body, including brake calipers.

C8 Corvette Stingray Model Carved Entirely Out Of Wood: Video

The only difference is that a wooden Chevrolet cannot convey the power of a real V8, because it is still a toy. For information, the original sports car is equipped with a 6.2-liter engine that generates 495 “horses”, paired with an 8-band dual-clutch transmission.


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