Ducks can also get used to and live in the same house with people

Pamela Johnson from Canada loves animals very much. A small shelter has already been created in his house from various animals that he found and brought home. One day Pomela found two duck eggs. It is unknown why they disappeared. Maybe the duck forgot where the eggs were, or maybe they just rolled out of the nest. She brought the eggs home and began to wait for the ducklings to hatch. Duck egg hatching is an exciting process for adults and children. Children learn to care and take responsibility. The process takes about a month, so be patient and prepare for daily work.

Baby ducks

When the ducklings hatched from their eggs, they were very small. Pamela named them Cassie and Carl. They immediately became friends and fell asleep in each other’s arms. On the second day, the ducklings started to walk and get used to the new world. Pamela loves her new pets very much. The ducklings grew strong and began to eat well. After some time, the woman began to let them go for a walk in the yard. The birds became so attached to their mistress that they did not leave her a single meter and followed her all the time. They seemed to express gratitude to him for raising them. Especially for the ducklings, Pamela made a small pond in the yard so that they can swim.

Baby ducks

Ducks can be surprisingly interesting pets and are not afraid to get close to people. We are used to seeing love, for example, in dogs or cats for their owner, but when it comes to ducks, it seems unusual. It’s amazing how loyal and devoted birds can be. Keeping ducks at home is not difficult.
For comfortable keeping of birds, the owner should take care of good pastures and ponds. A water ration can easily replace most feed. Ducks can be fed anything, it is not worth giving them sweets and spoiled food. Also, experts recommend mixing fine sand and chalk in the feed.


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