A house built in a unique form, which is covered with black boards from the outside.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where you want to return again and again. The nature of this country delights with its beauty and mystery. In a small area there are so many places of interest and beautiful landscapes that it will take a lot of time to get around everything. There are green hills and snow-capped mountains, geysers, grape valleys and extraordinary caves. It is an ideal place for tourism and recreation.  Anyone traveling to New Zealand will want to take in the magnificent sights of one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, and now it’s possible with this gorgeous tiny house. And if you add a cozy mini-house to this extraordinary beauty, you get a small piece of heaven on earth. The mini cottage is specially designed in such a way that the large windows offer a view of the surrounding nature.

The cottage is for rent. Here you can live at any time of the year and admire the surrounding beauty. The design of the cottage is very different. Outside, it is completely finished with black boards. And for bright accents, orange paint was used in places. This combination of tones makes the house more attractive. Тhere is also a bathtub in the fresh air, which can be used in the main in the summer. Despite such an original appearance, the interior of the house is also very distinguished by its extravagance and originality. Vacationers leave delighted and always promise to return again. The most important highlight of the house is the view from the windows to the endless miles of savannas and high cliffs. The cottage has everything you need for a comfortable life. There is an expression: “To live in a mini house all the time, you need to have a minimalist mindset.” Tiny houses have long become a symbol of coziness and comfort, allowing you to live outside the urban infrastructure, without being tied to a specific place. Given the growing need for this type of housing, progressive companies specializing in the design and assembly of mini-apartments are trying to build something extraordinary, in which a person can feel like a part of nature and relax body and soul.


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