The sheep climbed up on the trampoline and started playing

It turns out that not only people like to have fun but also animals. Animals in their behavior are in many ways reminiscent of small children. They also crave attention and care, they love to play and have fun. This is evidenced by the many videos in which people show their pets, who frolic and have fun, play games and even toys. One video in particular stood out for its unusualness. It was filmed in a country house, which has a playground and a small trampoline. When the whole family was at home, they suddenly heard a sound, as if someone was jumping on a trampoline. But all the children were at home. When they got to the window, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The sheep jumped on the trampoline. This is simply unbelievable. The sheep somehow made it way to their yard and climbed onto the trampoline. It quickly understood the principle of the attraction and began to jump. Moreover, the animal did not just jump, but purposefully tried to jump higher and higher. It looked like a lot of fun. The little children, who were watching what was happening, could not help laughing. Everyone started filming the sheep, but this did not bother the animal at all. It continued to jump and have fun.

Confused sheep jumps on a trampoline and ends up having fun
Sheep are considered kind and harmless animals. Children love them very much because of their fluffy and funny appearance. However, sheep are not as stupid animals as everyone used to think. It turns out that they have an excellent memory. Moreover, they can even plan their actions in advance. Their actions are not devoid of logic.

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Sheep are highly intelligent animals. They are as smart as cattle and only a little less smart than pigs. They can recognize individual human faces and remember them for years to come. Not only that, they can even understand the emotional state of facial features. They also express several emotions . Although sheep are herd animals, they get used to living alone if kept, for example, as pets. Sheep also have a sharp ear, because of which it cannot stand loud noises. They are comfortable in silence.


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