The house was built on a tree. It has quite an interesting design

Grandmother and grandfather built a real architectural masterpiece for their grandchildren. Jerry Wickfield is a happy grandfather with three wonderful grandchildren. He and his wife do everything so that the children have a carefree and interesting childhood, and when they grow up, so that they have the warmest memories of the time spent with their grandparents. The grandchildren visit them regularly, and the elderly couple arrange entertainment for them every time. But for Jerry, that didn’t seem enough. He wanted to do something really memorable for his grandchildren. When she and her husband bought their country house, there was an abandoned playground in the backyard.

They all wanted to demolish it and build a new one, but they constantly didn’t find a time for it. And once they were visiting their good friend Jamie, who was an architect. Jamie looked at the playground and the giant tree nearby and offered to build a treehouse for the kids. It was a brilliant idea. After all, children love to spend time in such houses. They started building. But Jerry wanted it not to be a little house, but a real house with all the amenities. He himself drew a project for the future home and together with Jamie they set to work. A month later everything was ready. The house turned out fabulous. It had many rooms for children. One had a small kitchen where children could create culinary masterpieces. The house had a music room with a piano and a guitar, as well as a seating area with sofas and cushions where one could lie down or play with the cushions. The interior was decorated in a fabulous style. Thematic decorations and panels, as well as unusual toys, hung everywhere. The wood trim on the outside was very in tune with the tree that seemed to be sprouting through the house. Caring grandfather also took care of the play area. Cable ladders, slides, labyrinths and swings were attached everywhere. When the grandchildren came to visit, they could not believe their eyes. The house impressed with its design and size. They immediately rushed to explore their new fortress. The house was interesting not only for children, but also for adults. That’s how inventive grandfather turned out to be.


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