The dog that came out on stage and performed his number

In Britain, the show “Britain’s Got Talent” was regularly held, in which talented people with different skills and abilities performed. Not only people, but also animals take part in the show. Viewers especially like such numbers, as they are distinguished by originality and surprise. You can never predict how an animal will behave.
One of these performances was especially remembered. These are Lucy’s performances with her adorable pet Trip. Before the performance, the judges asked the girl how they achieved such results. Lucy said that Trip has been living with them for almost two years and Lucy immediately became friends with him. Almost from the first days, Lucy began to train Trim and teach various skills. The puppy turned out to be very smart and capable. Trim is not a pure breed of dog. This is a mix of Pomeranian and Maltese. The Miniature Spitz has a cheerful, playful disposition, excellent hearing and a loyal character. Spitz loves to always be on the move. The dog often needs to walk and play. Moderate exercise is important for a dog’s health and entertainment. Pomeranian can play with children, he is active and energetic, but at the same time does not cause much trouble, as he obeys his master. The mixture of Spitz and Balonka added positive qualities to the new breed, it became more receptive to training and learning. Therefore, a baby Trim became an excellent student and mastered all the lessons well. From the very first minutes of the performance, the adorable puppy captivated the judges and the audience. He carried out all the commands and tricks so accurately that the audience was surprised how a dog can understand a person so well.

Adorable pup impresses audience with his outstanding talent
One of the numbers that Lucy and Trim prepared was an incendiary dance. The auditorium was delighted. The dog danced very energetically to the music and clearly felt the rhythm. It constantly looked at Lucy and waited for approval or a new command. And Lucy cheered up Trim, coaxing it with sweets or hugging. Lucy and Trim’s performance was unforgettable. It got the most votes. In their performance, it was felt that Trim was not just Lucy’s pet, there was a real friendship between them.


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