The boy not only performed a good song, but he had a very good artistic appearance

The American talent show has long overshadowed all TV shows with its popularity. Over the years, many talented people, children and even animals have taken part in the competition. It is not possible to remember everyone, but there are such bright performances that remain in the minds of spectators and judges. Jimmy Herrod was one such member. Many people often ask what is the secret of success. After all, there are very talented participants who do not pass auditions, but there are less capable ones who get a chance to go further. Personal sympathy, the charisma of a person, as well as the chosen song are also of great importance here. After all, not every song makes it possible to fully open up or show the artist’s vocal abilities.

Jimmie Herrod receives golden buzzer on AGT
Jimmy Herrod is a talented young man who is not only a songwriter, but also an artist. Jimmy is a very creative person. He received a BA in Music Composition and Performance from Cornwall and an MA in Jazz Studies from Portland State University. Jimmy also worked in the famous musical theater. For his performance, Jimmy chose the song “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie”. However, when he went on stage, introduced himself and introduced the song, one of the judges said that it was his least favorite song. The young man did not like to hear such an opinion, and he realized that because of the song he might not go any further. But he couldn’t change anything. Jimmy stated that he doesn’t have another song prepared and will sing “Tomorrow” anyway. He had his own unique style and manner of singing. The way he presented this song surprised everyone. The song sounded completely new. The judge even joked that now this is his favorite song. Jimmy applauded the whole audience. He received a golden buzzer and went to the next round.
Now Jimmy is the vocalist of Pink Martini, touring all over the world, and he has already recorded his solo album.


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