Just a few seconds and the girl skillfully manages to change the clothes she is wearing

Artist Lea Kyle wowed the audience and judges with her ability to quickly dress up at the show America’s Got Talent. She changes outfits so quickly that what is happening seems like an unreal focus. Lea impressed everyone with her performance and proved that the impossible is possible. In a fraction of a second, the charming magician changed outfit after outfit. The audience did not even have time to follow her movements, and now the girl is already wearing a new dress.
Prior to this, Lea performed in her homeland at the French competition of talants. Here she is sitting with cards in a yellow-blue dress – a rapid turn around her axis on an armchair – and she is already in a different outfit and without cards. Lea does everything so skillfully and professionally that even in slow motion it is impossible to see how she manages to change clothes. Her performance was unique and one of a kind. Judges and spectators remembered this number for a long time. They noted that Lea has a unique talent and her performances can be compared with the numbers of famous magicians such as David Copperfield. Judge Heidi Klum gave the girl a chance to immediately go to the semi-finals. Lea Kyle captivated the audience not only with her fantastic performance, but also with her graceful and artistic movements.

Meet Léa Kyle, the best quick-change performer ever in AGT
An interesting fact, but the talent of dressing up in Leia was discovered by her boyfriend. The guy noticed that she can change clothes in a second, and then change her mind, and change outfit just as quickly.
Lea sews all the outfits herself. She completed high fashion courses in the city of Bordeaux and plans to continue her studies in the design field. Watching her is a pleasure. Lea won her first competition in 2018 and during this time she has achieved perfection in the skill of changing dresses. So after just a year, she became the champion of Magic 2019, and two years later, Lea received the Golden Mandrake, a high award in the world of magic. And really, what else can you call her ability to change outfits with such speed. This is real magic. Thanks to her colorful performances, Lea became famous all over the world.


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