A house designed for complete relaxation. Everything in this house is special

In life, there should always be a place for romance and solitude. It seems that this is exactly what small houses were created for, which are located in the most picturesque natural places. Mini-houses have already firmly entered the life of a modern person and have become a kind of symbol of naturalness and connection with nature. People are more likely to give up their large city apartments and move to mini-houses, which are located in the countryside or in nature. such houses are built not only for permanent residence, but also for recreation or as a country house.
In Australia, far from urban settlements, there is a tiny hut where you can relax and feel like a part of nature. The mini-house belongs to the spouses Stella and Oliver, who, tired of city life, moved to the countryside. Australia has amazing nature. You can endlessly admire the local beauties.

The hut has a very original triangular-shaped design. The couple themselves came up with a project for their house and brought it to life. This geometric shape design blends harmoniously with the surrounding natural views and landscape.

The entire interior is made in a minimalist style without any frills and bulky unnecessary furniture. Inside the house, the owners can truly feel in peace and quiet. The house is very cozy and comfortable. A pleasant atmosphere is also added by a fireplace in which firewood smolders, filling the silence with its crackling. large panoramic windows are built in on both sides, which allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of nature and sunset. This house is amazing. Everything in it is thought out very competently and naturally. It is independent of electrical networks. The owners have installed solar panels on the roof, so the house is completely autonomous. Тhe couple also installed plumbing and sewerage. They took care of all the amenities to live in comfort. The mini-house deserves attention due to its original design. This idea is ideal for a secluded life. Due to excessive communication, sometimes people want to be alone with their family or with themselves. Such projects are excellent for these purposes.


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