These dogs have their own personal blog on the Internet. They also have a large number of followers

Every year earnings in a network become more and more popular. It is believed that popular bloggers receive the largest sums, but as it turned out, pets can also bring their owners a lot of money. Tucker is a golden retriever from the US state of Michigan. He is not only an Instagram star, but also the owner of an interesting YouTube channel He currently has over 2.7 million fans on Instagram and over 1.8 million on YouTube. Retrievers are one of the friendliest and most loyal dog breeds. They love their owners and become very attached to them. Also, these dogs are very playful. Like children, they love to run and jump and always ask their owners to play with them.

This Is What My Dog Does When I Hug My Husband - YouTube

When Courtney Budzin created her blog, she never thought that her dog Tucker would be the main character. It all started with the fact that the girl shot several videos with the participation of the dog and posted them on her page. These videos got a lot of views and enthusiastic comments. After that, Courtney had the idea to create a separate page for Tucker on social networks. Tacker Budzin has become a real celebrity on the net. Their joint videos are gaining a million views. Courtney captures some very funny moments from the dog’s life and posts them on its blog every day. In one of the latest videos, Kourtney filmed Tucker getting jealous when she hugs another retriever named Raily.
Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular family dogs in the world. They perfectly combine the natural softness of character, a phenomenal memory for faces and the ability to learn. They are patient with children and other animals, love communication, active games with the owner.
All retrievers have an obedient nature and focus on the owner. Despite the innate energy, they perfectly adapt to the role of a pet in urban life. Retrievers are the best choice as a first dog, companion or family pet.


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