The little girl and her father sing songs dedicated to America

Alexa and her wonderful dad Jorge Navaez sing a duet. Together they sing simple songs to the guitar. But they put so many feelings and emotions into it that it is impossible to break away. And even the uneven and slightly low voice of the girl is very pleasant to listen to. It turns out that little Alexa started singing from an early age, the girl was very fond of imitating famous singers in front of the mirror. When the girl grew up, her father kept her company and they sang along with the guitar. One day, her father made an amateur video of their performance, which became very popular and got a lot of views. Now they regularly shoot videos with their songs and they do it very well. Now many people already know about this family duo, they are invited to various shows and performances. They sing really awesome and the songs are very good. It is pleasure to watch such a talented father and his daughter. Alexa even took part in the TV show “America’s Got Talent” and captivated the audience with her openness and sense of humor. With each new video, with each new song, the performance of this couple only gets better and more soulful.

Claire Crosby and her father Dave Crosby

The listeners really liked their song America the Beautiful, in which they sing about love for their homeland. The music video for the song is especially captivating. It constantly changes landscapes against which the father and daughter sing a song. In the beginning, they sing on the ocean and little Alexa walks barefoot on the water. Then they find themselves in a lavender field where the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing. Then the picture changes, and they are already singing against the backdrop of towering rocks and prairies. Their goal was to show how beautiful their country is, how many wonderful places and corners there are, which many do not know about. The song instills love for the motherland and teaches to appreciate what we have. Alexa and Jorge symbolize a real family. Although Jorge is raising his daughters without a mother, it is clear that the girls are happy. Because the father gives them so much love and joy. Only art and creativity can make our world a better place. The musical duo of father and daughter fills the soul with love and kindness. It is clear from their voices that they sincerely believe in what they sing about.


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