The gorilla approached the glass and looked at the newborn child beyond the glass with a caring look.

A very touching incident occurred at the Boston Zoo. Young mother Emmeline and her husband with their newborn son Austin came to the zoo for a walk. When she approached the enclosure with the gorilla, it immediately came close to the glass and tried to show something to the woman. As it turned out, the gorilla also has a newborn baby. The gorilla looked at the little baby with such tenderness, and then showed her cub. It was an incredible communication between two mothers. Almost all animals have a maternal instinct, including gorillas. Although neither the woman nor the gorilla uttered a sound during what was happening, their feelings were mutual. Not even the glass barrier could stop their feelings. Maternal instinct in gorillas is well developed. They are very attentive to their children, carefully care for them. Gorilla is the most responsible, hardworking and in every sense positive mother. Gorilla does not leave her children anywhere, moreover, for at least three years it takes care of its offspring, feeds them and protects in every possible way . But even after reaching the age of three, the gorilla, like a real caring mother, does not cease to look after her offspring.

Gorilla and baby
Gorillas are very similar to humans in their behavior. Having chosen a male, the gorilla expects to spend his whole life with him.. When the cub begins to walk, he walks next to the mother, holding its hand on mother’s fur. All members of the group know each other well, and the cub, growing up, also knows all the relatives and often spends time near one of the aunts. Sometimes there are child-loving males who devote a lot of time to raising children.


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