The father teaches the little girl to sing. They also have their own personal blog

Jordan Waston is originally from New Zealand and managed to become famous for his short and ingenious videos in their simplicity. In them he gives instructions on how to deal with children. He approached from the practical side: a minimum of words, more deeds. His little daughters act as assistant. The very first video on how to hold a baby in her arms earned hundreds of thousands of views, and Jordan was even invited to local TV. As you know, parents are the first teachers of their children. Children absorb everything very quickly, especially because they like to imitate their parents in everything.

Jordan Watson is a famous video blogger who offers his own version of parenting. It’s interesting that Jordan didn’t even think about making a blog at the beginning. He just made a video for his girlfriend, who had a baby. In the video, he gave detailed instructions on how to cope with worries about the baby. He didn’t even have children at the time. The video became very popular and received a lot of views. After such success, Jordan decided to continue his work. After the birth of his daughters, he began to practice his advice on his daughters. In one such video, he teaches his four-year-old daughter to sing. The baby so funny repeats all the gestures and inonations after her father, it is impossible not to fall in love with a charming baby. Watson regularly teaches parents how to handle children. He records his advice on video and posts it on the How to Dad YouTube channel and on the Facebook page of the same name. He has already told his subscribers how to bathe a child in the kitchen sink .
The videos of the experimental father traditionally get an order of magnitude more views on Facebook than on YouTube. Some videos have been viewed more than a million times, but the current instruction has become the most popular.
Jordan sets a good example that fathers can take care of their children too. And if you follow his instructions, then education will also be fun for both children and parents.


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