Small ponies are considered pets. They love to play with balls

Emmy is a young farmer who keeps eleven ponies. Good-natured ponies, despite their diminutiveness, are very popular among breeders. There is an opinion that this horses are intended only for children’s games, but this is far from the case. Despite their short stature, ponies are very attractive and charming animals. They are rich in thick lush mane, which breeders manage to braid. These miniature horses are ideal pets. They require much less food and space than regular horses, are easy to transport, and are a great way to introduce children to equestrianism.

BALL POOL Surprise for my 11 Miniature PONIES! 30,000 BALLS - YouTube

The character of mini-horses is calm and at the same time moderately playful. They are less whimsical in care than tall breeds, but require the constant attention of the owner. Ponies endure low temperatures, and dense wool helps them in this. Emmy loves her animals very much and spends a lot of time with them. Ponies are very playful animals. They are like little children who love to play. To entertain her pets, Emmy decided to make a pool with balls. She bought 30,000 little balls and dumped everything in a special corral. Ponies liked the balls so much that they played and lay in them all the time. No one expected the pony to enjoy playing with balls so much. Little horses even lay down in balls to take a break from the game. It is no coincidence that Ponies are used for riding children in recreation parks, as well as for circus performances. Some varieties of ponies become helpers in the household and agricultural work, in particular, they are used when transporting heavy loads. However, Emmy loves her pets very much and horses participate only in horse races. The girl pampers her animals with delicious food and entertains them in every possible way. The balls idea is not the last thing the girl plans for her ponies. So the animals do not have to be bored. Any pet should feel attention and care from the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to a number of simple rules: maintain hygiene in the stables and paddocks; during seasonal molting, regularly comb out pets;
clean the hooves of four-legged pets and keep the animal itself clean․


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