Dogs are very talented. But not enough to drive a car. This dog drives a car

A video appeared on the Web showing a Tesla Model 3 electric car on a public road. The car is moving in autopilot mode, there is a dog in the driver’s seat, next to which there is no one. Apart from the dog, no one is visible in the car: the side windows are closed, and it is too dark in the second row to see anything. It is possible that there were no people in the cabin at all. But it’s more likely that it was a joke.

Adorable Dog
Tesla Autopilot belongs to the second level on the SAE International scale, that is, the driver must be behind the wheel while driving and keep an eye on the road. Electric cars are equipped with a system that is designed to ensure the presence of a person in the driver’s seat, but it is far from perfect. Probably someone else (besides the dog) was hiding in the car. Tesla has a feature that should turn off the autopilot after 30 seconds if no one is touching the steering wheel. The video with the dog endsat 29 seconds.

Tesla dog video revealed to be a fake

Autopilot is an advanced driver assistance system that improves driving safety and comfort. When it is used correctly, the autopilot reduces the overall burden on the driver with eight external cameras, radar, twelve ultrasonic sensors and a powerful on-board computer that provide an additional level of safety on the journey. The Tesla autopilot operates with the help of ultrasonic sensor systems, a set of radars and all-round cameras with different sectors and depths of video recording.
Most likely the video was made specifically for social networks, but this is very irresponsible and reckless.


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