Curious children play with otters. They are good friends.

Otters are unique, cute and playful creatures, with a distinctive appearance that is characteristic of animals that spend a lot of time in the water. In addition, they are also smart animals that can be trained to perform various tricks. Otters have a very friendly nature and peaceful disposition, so they are often kept as pets. A tamed otter is very funny, affectionate and obedient. She quickly gets used to the owner, plays with him with pleasure. It is easy to train an otter and it quickly becomes a universal favorite.

Curious otter and baby

In Japan, it is very common to see families with pets that are unusual for us. Some lovers of the exotic are not satisfied with cute domestic cats and loyal dogs. They want to have an unusual pet in the house, so animals appear in the apartments, which they try to adapt to city life. Otters conquer with their touching appearance, it seems that in life they are the same cuties. In one of these families, cute otters Kataro and Hana live.

Curious otter and kid playing

The owners have a two-story house, and the otters move freely up and down the stairs. The animals are accustomed to their owners and almost never hide in secluded places. One day friends of the hosts came to visit with three small children. The reaction of children and animals was indescribable. It was the first time Hana and Kataro saw strangers in their home, and the children had never seen otters before. At first the animals hid on the second floor, but the smallest and most curious of the children went upstairs to look at the animals closer. A few minutes later, Kataro and Hana were already playing with the children without fear, but they especially liked the two-year-old kid, who was most passionate about the animals.
Otters are considered very smart and intelligent animals, young individuals are quickly and easily tamed, recognize and wait for their master, know their nickname.


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