The parrot acts as a real babysitter for the little boy

Pets and birds are always very attached to their owners and begin to consider them their family. And it is especially funny to watch them when they get acquainted with the children of their owners. A husband and wife from New Guinea lived a happy life together with their snow-white cockatoo, which they surrounded with sincere love and care. And then one day they had a baby, and when they brought him home from the hospital, they decided to film the moment of their baby’s acquaintance with a pet.

Cockatoo and baby boy

And not in vain, because this meeting was extremely touching. At first, when the bird saw the baby, it surprized, so the mother took the newborn baby away for a while in order to give the cockatoo time to adapt. And when she brought the pet to the baby for the second time, the bird already looked at her carefully and ruffled its feathers above its head, which made them look like a crown. So the cockatoo always did when he admired something. And when the woman asked the bird if it liked his little sister, it sayed something in its bird language, and then began to nod vigorously. And since then, the cockatoo very often flies up to the baby’s bed and can sit next to her for a long time, guarding her and protecting..
Cockatoo parrot – noticeably stands out among other types of parrots due to its amazing appearance. It should also be noted that the plumage color of this parrot can be different, and a crest stands out noticeably on the head. Decorative birds for keeping at home have not been taken from nature for a long time. Cockatoos of different species are bred in specialized nurseries and sold to amateurs from different countries. New owners want to know in advance how many years tame cockatoos live. The experience of keeping crested parrots shows that with proper care they live in for 40-50 years. So the family hopes that their baby has acquired a true friend for many years to come.


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