The couple with 7 children manages everything. They are very happy to have so many children

Spouses Scott are parents of many children. They already had two sons when Jamie became pregnant for the third time. They really wanted a third child. When the couple were going to the examination, they suspected that they might be expecting twins. But in fact, Jamie had more children than she suggested . She was surprised and happy at the same time. From overflowing with emotions, the woman get excited in the doctor’s cabinet. Jamie ate a lot during this period. For a while, she drank a lot of milkshakes.

Quintuplet babies

Doctors advised her to consume about 4,000 calories a day, so the woman gained 45 kg. At 29 weeks pregnant Jamie had five children. Until the parents picked up the names, they simply called the children by numbers from one to five. Now parents are busy mainly feeding their quintuplets. And Jamie has to eat every three hours. Children are gaining weight well and developing according to plan. The most difficult thing is to organize walks with five newborns. The couple did not buy a stroller for quintuplets because of the too high cost. Instead, they bought two strollers for twins and triplets. The eldest sons are very happy with the addition to the family and are not at all jealous. On the contrary, they try to help their parents with everything. When they go out for a walk, older children ride alongside on a scooter or bicycle.


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