The couple spent quite a lot to build this small house little money. The result was a beautiful house

Married couple Joel and Sarah got married right after graduating from college. They were young and the main thing for them was to be together, the rest of the problems seemed empty to them. First we decided to rent a room. To save some money, they shared a room with another couple.

At first they were doing well, but over the years they changed their minds. They wanted their own housing, where there would be more comfort and privacy. Joel started looking for an apartment, but found nothing worthwhile. Even the smallest apartments were very expensive and beyond their means. Then Sarah suggested that her husband build a tiny house. In order not to spend a lot of money, they decided to build themselves. They would have to pay the construction company not only for materials, but also for services. Since none of them understood construction, for a start they decided to read special literature and watch video tutorials.

Compact permanent residences are often built by young families who want to reduce construction and maintenance costs. The layout of a mini-house is always  very compact, but at the same time original and convenient thanks to atypical architectural finds and design solutions that take into account all modern trends. You can make a mezzanine in the work area. Anyway, you sit there all the time, so you can safely do the bottom at around 1.7-1.8 meters, and there will be another 0.6-0.7 meters on top – this is an extra bed. Well, in the kitchen-dining room you can put a sofa bed.  Mini-home designs often include large windows for a sense of spaciousness and being one with nature, often followed by a well-groomed yard and beautiful landscape.  After studying a lot of materials and recommendations, Joel and Sarah finally set about building their home. They purchased all the necessary materials, laid the foundation and erected the walls. Most of the time was taken by the internal layout, as the couple was afraid to make a mistake in the distribution of zones. Sarah wanted a spacious kitchen, so they decided to connect the kitchen to the living room. It turned out to be a cozy seating area, combined with a bar counter, where all the necessary kitchen utensils were. The sleeping place was on the second level under the ceiling, where a wooden staircase led. All available space, including the stairs, was used for shelves and shelving. Sarah and Joel have finally found their home. Small but has everything you need for a comfortable life


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