The boy took part in a competition, after which he was offered to sign contracts.

Thanks to the TV show America’s Got Talent, so many young people have become famous and given the chance to build their own careers. Talent and creativity have no boundaries. One of these talented young people was Benissio Bryant. When he first appeared on the stage of the show he was only fourteen years old. At the beginning of the performance, Benissio was very worried. He sang so beautifully that the audience gave a standing ovation. The boy has obvious talent. He performed the 2017 The Joke award-winning Brandi Carlyle Grammy with his unreal range and powerful vibrato. Judges Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Howie Mandel unanimously took him to the next round. The episode was watched by 9.81 million viewers. Cowell said that the audition reminded him of Harry Styles’ 2010 audition for the similar singing competition The X Factor. Bryant’s performance was included on the July 2, 2019 final episode of “Best Listening”, which was watched by 6.82 million viewers.
Bryant has been singing since the age of two and has performed at all family gatherings ever since. His father bought him a drum kit when he was four years old.. When he was eight years old, Bryant asked to enter the amateur competition Maple Valley Idol (MVI). All the other members were older kids, but he came in second and also realized that singing was his life’s goal. He competed in the MVI for the next three years and finished second each time. He began to carry his guitar wherever his parents allowed.

Benicio Bryant (Singer) America's Got Talent, Height, Age, Biography,  Relationships & More

Bryant sang in the first of two semi-finals, competing against ten other performers. He sang the ballad “Fall Apart”. This show was watched by 9.06 million viewers. He became one of the show’s favorites to win based on the reactions of the judges and the audience. Bryant was one of the three leaders in the number of votes that evening, so he immediately moved forward. Despite the fact that Bryant did not become the winner of the competition, he was most remembered by the audience. Since his time with America’s Got Talent, Bryant has received a music deal from Syco Records. They then contacted him and said that Arista Records was also interested, so they put together a deal. The boy has a great future.


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