If tamed, donkeys can also do a variety of household chores

Donkeys are distinguished by the fact that they look different in the eyes of people. Some consider them not intelligent enough, others think that there are no wiser animals. For some, the donkey is obedient and gentle, the rest say that the donkey’s stubbornness knows no bounds. In order to find out the truth, it is necessary to turn to the reliable facts that zoologists have obtained during the research. The donkey is an unpretentious animal, hardy, but its main characteristic is persistence. Man’s intransigence is especially evident in excessive exploitation beyond the limits of possibilities. Donkeys are found in mountainous regions up to two thousand meters above sea level and in desert areas where vegetation is sparse. Animals are sedentary, live in small herds consisting of no more than 15 individuals. To maintain health and performance, a donkey requires a low-calorie, plant-based diet rich in fiber. Donkeys graze during the day, consuming food in small portions. Cereals with high starch sugar content (corn, wheat, oats) are not suitable. When these products are consumed, the animals become overweight and their health deteriorates. Donkeys spend most of the day in pastures. But herbs in the summer and grass in the winter do not form the basis of the diet. The main food of domestic donkey is straw. In their natural habitat, animals eat grass, bark of shrubs and berries.

Baby Donkey

There is a whole shelter in Ireland for donkeys left without parents. Here, farmers often get rid of unwanted offspring. So Dora the donkey was left alone. Fortunately, Torsten and Chris took him away. They have a big house with land. They began to take care of Dora like a small child. Torsten fed him with milk from a bottle, stroked and hugged him. The donkey grew very fast. It was very well cared for and the animal felt it. Dora was so attached to her rescuers that she followed them everywhere and even helped with household chores. When Chris put the clothes in the washing machine, the donkey took them out to hang them up. When the donkey was introduced to the herd of his relatives, he still came to Chris and Torsten during the day for a hug.


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