An old piano that is more than 100 years old has been repaired and made brand new.

People are used to throwing away everything old and unnecessary. This is the rule of life and the cycle of things. The new must take the place of the old. However, there are things that are inherently valuable and will never be created again. This applies to vintage and antique items. Many ancient techniques for making certain things have been lost today, so people have learned to restore them. The word “restoration” means repair, but restoration and repair have different meanings when it comes to pianos and grand pianos, as well as furniture. Rather, they fall into different repair categories.
When talking about old antique instruments, the word “restoration” is used, and when working with modern pianos, more repair. Restoration, as already mentioned above, is repair, but in a special way. Restoration does not allow changing the painting technology, replacing materials, if they do not exactly correspond to the originals. In other words, piano restoration restores the instrument to the exact shape it was created by a craftsman or factory years ago. As a result, almost every vintage grand piano is unique in many ways. Today, many factories and workshops no longer exist, and correspondingly, neither do the parts they once produced. Such details must be thoroughly restored and repaired.

antique piano

However, not only real pianos are restored, but also toys. The master found an old toy piano in the attic and decided not to throw away the rare thing. The toy was more than a hundred years old. The master began to restore a beautiful thing in detail. The restoration took several months, but the result was a completely new toy from the last century. Every detail is meticulously sanded and painted. The keys have been replaced with new ones and covered with paint and varnish. The restorer cleaned the entire internal mechanism of rust and restored the clear sound of the keys.


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