A single mother built a beautiful house for her daughter

A single mom from America decided to realize her old dream and buy herself a mini-house. Jen has lived all her life in a huge mansion with many rooms. A woman has always been strained by such a large space. She wanted more comfort and warmth. In recent years, mini houses or tiny houses are very popular. People are more eager to save space and facilities. Construction companies come up with new designs and interior solutions for such houses. The microhousing philosophy is futuristic in many ways.

Beautiful tiny home

It is connected with the new values ​​of society: the conscious consumption of resources, concern for the environment, adherence to the philosophy of minimalism. And also with the choice of more global goals than the desire only for personal luxury and maximum material comfort. Jen turned to a construction company that specializes in building small houses. Together with the designers, they discussed the layout and zoning of the space. Designing mini-houses is a special area of ​​low-rise architecture.

Beautiful tiny home

In order for all the necessary planning elements to fit in a small house, it is necessary to distribute its internal space very competently, to use every square meter with maximum benefit. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the house should have an attractive interior. In small houses, the premises are designed multifunctional. There are no corridors. This provides for the use of built-in wardrobes and minimalist furniture. Often in such houses equip beds-console. Free corners or niches are not left – under the stairs, along the low slopes of the attic, as well as under the attic ridge, pantries and storage racks are planned. There are many ready-made mini-house projects that are being developed by construction and architectural companies. They are quite diverse, and from them you can choose the most suitable option for construction. But if you wish, you can order the development of an individual project. Jen made her own adjustments and wishes. She wanted to be sure to allocate a free space for her daughter, so that she planted flowers there. It was also important for a woman to have a spacious kitchen. When the house was ready, Jen was delighted. She shared her joy on her page and wrote that it is possible to live luxuriously in a tiny house


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