This house seems to transport us to a fairytale world. Just look inside it

In one of the states of America, walking through the forest, you can stumble upon an unusuall forest house. At first glance, it looks like a house of forest , but in fact it is an ordinary residential building. The owner of such an unusual dwelling in an unusual place is the most ordinary middle-aged man. His name is Jonathan Stan. He is a former bank employee who has been living in the forest for several years now.

Jonathan was a successful worker, but one day he realized that he no longer wanted to live in a city and breathe dusty air. In the beginning, he thought of buying a house in the country.

He was inspired by a trip to the country to visit friends. There was such a cozy atmosphere and such fresh air that Jonathan was determined to leave the city and purchase a house in nature. After looking at many options, he decided to build the house himself. The finished houses were either close to the city or too big and expensive. He wanted a small house so that there were fewer utility bills. The man chose a place in the middle of the forest on a flat clearing. Having studied the literature on the topic of construction and also watched the video materials, he decided to do all the work himself. The first step was to make the foundation. Since the ground was level, Jonathan did not add anything, but simply tamped the ground and reinforced it with metal inserts.

Then he proceeded with the construction of the walls and the floor. As a material, the man used only a tree that was in the forest. He spent a lot of time recycling logs to turn them into planks. He made the walls two-layer, so that insulation could be placed between them. The most interesting part of the house was the roof, which Jonathan made in the form of a spatial triangle, and the corners hung down slightly curving. With such a roof, the house looked like a fairy tale hut. When everything was ready, it remained only to order windows and doors, then work on the interior. Inside, the man also made all the furniture and trim from wood. The walls were decorated with spruce patterns, which was not only beautiful, but also fragrant. The pine smell filled the whole house. The house had a small bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a spacious living room with a soft sofa with armchairs and a fireplace. Here you can spend long winter evenings next to the fireplace with a book and a cup of tea. On the roof, Jonathan installed solar panels to provide the house with electricity, and he ran the water from a  mountain stream. So the man completely moved to a secluded place in the depths of the forest and felt completely free and happy.


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