This couple proves that love is eternal. They really love each other.

Relationships are very complex, and over time, it only gets more difficult. People tend to get tired: from places, surrounding views, from people.

Even a loved one can cause a feeling of fatigue if he is constantly around. But there are couples who live together for a century and maintain love and respect for each other.

A married couple from England have been together for 83 years. This is a real record for the duration of family life.

The couple got married back in 1933.

They were young and full of plans and hopes for the future. Hellen worked in a factory and Maurice was in the Navy.

After their marriage, they moved to London, where they had four children. Unfortunately, not all of them have reached old age.

Hellen and Maurice went through many har dships in life, but together they overcame everything. Often they are asked what the secret of a strong relationship is.

According to the spouses, the most important thing in family relationships is to give your soul mate the opportunity for personal space.

Couples should respect each other’s hobbies and tastes and not act selfishly.

Maurice loves his wife the way he did 83 years ago. According to the man, his wife has not changed at all; she is just as beautiful and well-groomed. Indeed,

Hellen looks very well-groomed and fresh for her age. She puts her hair in the salon several times a week and does a manicure,

in the morning a woman does exercises and tries to eat as well as possible. Maurice has a good sense of humor and is always fun to be around, Hellen says.

She considers her marriage absolutely happy and if she had another life, she would marry her husband again.

Unfortunately, there are not many such strong marriage unions these days.

People have become more independent and do not want to give in to each other in anything.

One of the most common reasons for separation or divorce is not just a difference in character or domestic problems.

Psychologists note that the strongest and most long-term couples are obtained from those lovers who had or found a common goal already in the process of relationships.

From the point of view of psychology, joint plans reveal partners well to each other.

Notably, having a common goal can also help save a marriage or relationship if it’s already cr acked.

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