This baby has become famous because of his lush hair. Its truly a miracle

All babies are very different but equally cute and loved. However, newborn babies are somewhat similar to each other.

All of them have puffy eyes, bright cheeks and fluff on their heads. But sometimes babies are born who are totally different from the others.

A cute boy named Boston was born in an Australian family. The boy has incredibly thick hair.

It looks so unusual that people sometimes do not believe that the child has real hair.

Boston is only four months old, and his hair is already so long and thick that his mother can even do hairstyles.

Doctors do not have a definite answer why some babies are born bald, while others are born with lush hair.

There is an opinion that the diet of the pregnant mother affects the length and density of hair. However, science has long refuted this version.

The first and most important factor influencing the growth rate and characteristics of an infant’s hair is genetics and ethnicity.

If parents have blond hair, most likely their child will be born blonde.

If one of the partners has thin curly hair, and the other has thick and straight hair, the baby can adopt the features of either parent.

Baby Boston has thick, black hair from birth, and by four months it has grown so much that it looks like a wig.

His mother says that passers-by constantly ask for the child’s real hair or overhead.

The baby has good genetics, his dad also has thick hair. Little Boston, thanks to its peculiarity, has become famous throughout the country.

His photos spread on the Internet and the baby became famous.

Regardless of the reasons, parents love the baby very much and consider him special.

Mom tries to take good care of his hair so that it retains its density and shine.

All children are unique in their own way. Planning children, parents do not know in advance what internal and external qualities nature will reward them with.

As children grow up, they change. This is especially true for babies under the age of one.

Bald and fair-haired childs become owners of dark and thick hair, curly hair straightens, and thick hair falls out partially.

These are all natural growth stages for babies.

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