They were separated at 5 years old, but years later they saw each other again

f fate decides to bring two people together, nothing will stop them. The story of Natalie and Austin once again proves this.

Young people first met in kindergarten when they were three years old. They also happened to be neighbors.

Their parents bought a house at the same time and moved to the same area. Since then they have become inseparable friends.

They spent all the time together. Austin had a red car which he loved to ride Natalie.

He helped the girl in everything and fulfilled all her requests.

Их разлучили в 5 лет, но спустя годы они вновь встретились

Even when they went to school, there they chose a desk and sat side by side.

However when the children finished the first grade, Natalie had to leave. Her parents moved to another city.

The girl constantly thought about Austin and looked for his contacts but did not find it.

Twelve years passed in this way when once Natalie found Austin’s name and phone number in her mother’s old notebook.

The girl began to look for him on social networks and found him.

She found a guy and sent him a message. What was his joy and surprise. He also, constantly thought of her during all these years.

Young people began to chat, and then decided to meet. Austin and Natalie met in a cafe,

remembered their childhood and decided never to part again.

After school, young people parted to study but have not stopped dating and continued to meet even at a distance.

After graduation, he made an offer to get married and the girl happily agreed to marry him.

They played a very beautiful wedding, and for the photo shoot they chose red car like the car that Austin used to ride Natalie in childhood.

Here is such a beautiful story with a happy ending, which shows us how strong feelings can be.

True love does not pass with time, it develops into a strong and trusting relationship. We wish the young people many years of happy family life.

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