The Japanese blew up the internet with their dance! you have to see it

Dancing is one of the ways of self-expression. Everyone loves to dance, but few can.

Why do people dance? Dance is a very ancient art.

This is the language of our body, which during the dance transmits information.

It is also a way of communication and the most important behavioral pattern that exists in any culture of the world.

Dancing seems to us such a natural manifestation of human behavior that we don’t even think about why we dance at all.

What happens to the brain and body during movements to music?

SEHUN EXO 'Electric Kiss'... - Bubbleteaholic EXO SEHUN | Facebook

It is interesting that there are nations that are more plastic and dancing is the part of their life.

Moreover, there are nations with more serious traditions.

They don’t dance often, but only when tradition dictates.

SUHO FOCUS] EXO 'Electric Kiss' Dance Practice edited - YouTube

It is believed that the dance originates in the most ancient human communities as a ritual rite associated with beliefs or some kind of events.

Nowadays, a dancing person can no longer surprise anyone.

With the development of the Internet and various social networks such as instagram and tik tok, people began to dance everywhere.

Particularly synchronized dances in a group are popular. Such videos are very popular on the net and gain many views.

For this reason, young people try to come up with dance numbers as difficult as possible.

Among the latest novelties on the Internet sites is an incendiary dance of Japanese young guys.

The dance attracts attention with its synchronicity and complex technique.

It can be seen that the guys are real professionals and have been training for a long time to achieve such a result.

Research has shown that coordinated movement performed to music stimulates the pleasure center in the brain.

Moreover, the activation of this part of the brain and the increased production of the hormone dopamine are largely due to music, and not movements.

That is, the pleasant sensations that arise when listening to a melody and its rhythm are enhanced if not just listening to music, but moving in time with it.

From this, we can conclude that if a person is in a bad mood,

he just needs to turn on his favorite music and start dancing.

By the way, in addition to physiology, genetic patterns are also involved in the matter of the dance essence.

It turns out that you should be born a dancer, and not become one


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