Every day, the man found his discarded tools arranged, even though he lived alone at home. He installed a camera and saw everything

People have lived in close connection with the animal world since ancient times. Domestication of animals began in the Stone Age.

Today, pets are not only kept on farms or in villages, but also in city apartments. It is common to have a dog or cat at home.

However, not all animals can live with humans and get used to home conditions.

Dogs most of all become attached to a person and become a helper in everyday life.

However, sometimes our best friends are forest animals or birds, which always shun human contact.

An amazing story happened to an elderly farmer from Britain.


The man lived alone. He had a big house with a garden, a cellar and a barn.

During the day, he spent a lot of time in the barn, making all sorts of crafts or fixing old equipment.

Every evening he went home without cleaning the barn. In the evening, the man was very tired and left the cleaning for the morning.

But for some time now, he began to notice that when he comes to the barn in the morning, all the small parts and tools on the table are neatly folded in a box.

At first, he decided that he must have removed everything himself, simply because he was tired and did not remember it.

But when the situation began to repeat again and again, the elderly Briton was already frightened. He thought that maybe he was having memory problems.

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Perhaps he goes to the barn at night, puts everything in its place and does not remember this in the morning.

To find out what was really going on, he bought and installed a video camera in the barn. What he saw on the video camera was a surprise.

Every night a field mouse comes into the barn and collects all the small items in a box with his teeth.

After everything laying out in places, a small rodent leaves the barn. The man was very surprised.

He had never heard of a field mouse helping a man.

On the contrary, these animals try to avoid people, and if they get into the house, they will definitely not do the cleaning.

It turns out that the field mouse is endowed with a certain intelligence. However, rodents are more known for their wrecking than good.

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Field mice love grain and other cereal crops.

Most likely, the mouse was looking for something edible in the barn, and at the same time decided to tidy up.

However the man was delighted with the uninvited guest, as he was very afraid that it was he who goes to the barn every night and forgets about it in the morning.


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