And you can imagine that it is possible to grow 839 tomatoes on one bush

Every day we buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the market or store. However, none of us think about how hard they are grown.

It turns out gardening is also a science and not everyone can successfully grow a tomato or cucumber.

However, already experienced gardeners compete among themselves who will grow more or who has a larger crop.

Recently, in horticulture, both scientists and ordinary gardeners have been experimenting a lot.

They cross different varieties to get a new species, or they study the composition of the soil to mark it, thereby changing the quality of the cultivated crop.

Садовод вырастил 839 помидоров на одном кусте

Horticulturist Douglas Smith planted a unique tomato bush with 848 fruits. He set a world record. It took him more than an hour to collect all the tomatoes from the bush.

For several years, Douglas studied different varieties of tomatoes and their properties and qualities.

It was important for him to know what element is in the soil, what qualities develop in the fetus.

It took several years to understand what kind of soil and supplements to use for growing tomatoes.

Next, it was necessary to set the correct temperature and lighting. Prior to this, Douglas had already managed to grow unusual vegetables.

Садовод вырастил 839 помидоров на одном кусте

His most incredible creation was a giant tomato that weighed six feet.

Growing tomatoes is always fraught with certain difficulties, since this culture is rather whimsical and requires constant attention.

The first problems are usually associated with the fact that the tomatoes begin to lag behind in growth.

However, the greenhouse should be ventilated regularly.

Soil moisture should be in the range of 70-75%, so it is necessary to provide the plants with regular watering with settled water at a temperature of 24-26 ° C.

Садовод вырастил 839 помидоров на одном кусте

However, Douglas was not afraid of the difficulty of growing a tomato, as he was very fond of this vegetable.

Therefore, at the entrance of numerous experiments, he received a bush on which there was not a single free branch.

He put the plant out in the yard so that everyone could see the result of his work.

The Douglas bush really broke the world record, as the previous record holder grew 450 tomatoes on one bush.

The man plans to continue his studies in gardening. Who knows, maybe he will get something unusual again or set another record.

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