70-year-old Briton saves coast from plastic waste. Let’s thank grandma․

Not many of us think about the harm that disposable tableware from plastic material does to the planet. In particular, plastic harms the seas and ocean animals.

If each of us makes a little effort, it is possible to help animals and clean up our planet. A pensioner from Britain has become an example for many.

70-летняя британка спасает побережье от пластикового мусора

Patty Smith is 70 years old and retired. The woman saw a broadcast about how the beaches are polluted and how many animals

in the ocean suffer from disposable tableware. The pollution of the planet began simultaneously with the advent of plastic utensils, about sixty years ago.

Convenient, inexpensive, disposable tableware made household chores easier and then they were easily disposed of.

And since plastic products did not decompose and did not go anywhere from landfills, compared to other garbage, its accumulation went faster and more as

technology advanced and production volumes increased.

70-летняя британка спасает побережье от пластикового мусора

Currently garbage in general, and plastic материалс in particular, cause serious damage to nature.

How does plastic waste get into the ocean, because people do not live there? However, plastic waste enters the waters of the oceans,

both from the shore and from the water.

70-летняя британка спасает побережье от пластикового мусора

According to environmentalists, 80% of the garbage is dumped and unloaded by dump trucks into coastal waters from the ground,and through sewage

from rivers to the sea, 20% – from tourist ships, fishing schooners, transport and military vessels. Petты could not remain indifferent.

She decided to clean up the plastic in her area. Despite her age, Petty went to the local beach every day and collected plastic.

70-летняя британка спасает побережье от пластикового мусора

She was supported by her children and grandchildren. Together they cleared all the beaches in their area in one year.

Everywhere they hung signs with inscriptions do not litter and with the image of sea animals.

Petty launched a campaign around the world so that people in all corners of the planet would clean up even a small area of garbage and refuse to use disposable plastic utensils.

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